Is Dry and Itchy Skin Normal During Pregnancy?

Many pregnant women and new mothers have severely dry, itchy skin. This is due to hormonal changes that might deplete lipids in the skin during and after pregnancy. Dry skin is most common during the first trimester of pregnancy. It is normal and typical to experience dry skin during pregnancy since pregnancy is a roller-coaster of hormone imbalances that can disrupt the natural skin cell cycles. Skin dryness, itching, and trans-epidermal water loss are caused by the wear and tear of the skin caused by the increasing pregnant abdomen. Using a moisturising natural moisturiser helps to relieve from dry skin pregnancy.

When to See a Doctor

dry skin during pregnancy

Acute and extensive skin dryness that is not relieved by home treatments will necessitate expert medical examination and treatment. Pregnancy can trigger an eruption of skin problems such as eczema, psoriasis, or hives. Do not take over-the-counter drugs for dry skin pregnancy and itchy skin without first visiting a doctor, as certain treatments are contraindicated during pregnancy.

During pregnancy, the skin of the belly is especially prone to dryness and itching. Scratching the skin is never a good idea since it causes stretch marks to darken. To fully hydrate and soothe the skin, apply a body butter cream containing natural butters such as Shea and Cocoa butters.

It is essential to pay attention to the components of skin care products, since chemical goods can be hazardous to the baby during pregnancy. To safeguard the safety of the new mom and the baby, use fully natural skin care and face care products to treat skin dryness during pregnancy.