Buying the Right Pulleys- Things You Need to Know

Pulleys were originally found in siege warfare, where they were used to haul heavy objects up and down castle walls. These days, pulleys are mainly responsible for lifting and lowering things like the jib and mainsail on a sailboat. There are many types of comprar poleas with which to choose from when buying one, so here is a list of things you need to know before making your decision:

What Type of Pulley Do You Need?

The braided pulley is made from several strands of fiber allowing for more radial strength. However, it is more vulnerable to chafe and friction than other varieties and should be avoided if there is any risk of chafing, abrasion and frictional heat. These pulleys are not very good in terms of load capacity either because they do not have much mass.

Choosing the Right Size of Pulley

In relation to size, the standard is about 45″ in diameter for mainsail and spinnaker. The only thing to take into consideration is how much weight you intend to place on it. If the weight is too light then you will not be able to lift what you want with the pulley, or it will come off if subjected to a sudden jolt or shock. You must consider this before finalizing your choice of pulleys.

Choosing the Right Type of Line

The type of line you choose depends on how much weight your pulley is supporting and if it runs at a constant or variable speed. Think about things like strength, stretch, resistance to abrasion, and breaking point when deciding which line to purchase.

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Buy From a Reputable Seller

Only buy from reputable sellers who have experience in this area as they will help sort out any difficulties before you make a purchase.

Choosing the Right Set of Pulleys

If you need several pulleys, having a set will be helpful. However if you just need one, you can either have one set of all sizes or separate them in pairs, like with mainsail and spinnaker.

Consider Your Existing Pulley System

If your existing system already has a pulley or small assembly of pulleys and rope then consider whether these are efficient for what you intend to do with it. If they are not, then consider re-engineering your system before buying new pulleys.

Consider Your Budget

If you cannot afford the more expensive variety of pulleys, then consider other things since less expensive pulleys will normally not be as effective in terms of lifting and lowering heavy loads.

Keep in mind that for some applications it is better to have one continuous rope instead of a set of pulleys because that way all the forces of lifting can be added to one rope, thereby increasing their strength.

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