Understanding the Different Services Landscape Maintenance Services Provide

Understanding the various services is crucial if you want to engage a professional landscape service to assist with your landscape care requirements. Here are explanations of some of the most popular landscape maintenance services.

Typical Bed Upkeep and Detailing

Weeding, ground-cover trimming and management, debris removal, the removal of dead blooms, monitoring, and the removal of branches and leaves that are turning brown are all included in this service. This is an essential service since it guarantees that your yard keeps its curb appeal all year long.

Fall/Spring Cleaning

A more thorough cleaning that involves all aspects of regular bed care as well as perennial and grass division, bed edging, mulch raking, and seasonal perennial cut down. These services resemble “deep cleaning” the landscape on a one-to-one basis.

landscape maintenance


For each variety of plant, timing is everything when it comes to pruning and hedging for best results. The best time to prune plants for their species is when you hire a professional. Hydrangea are a good illustration of a plant that should be cared for by experts or experienced gardeners. In order to preserve form or size, remove wasted blooms, get rid of dead or diseased limbs, and encourage development, pruning is done. Plants are usually shaped into geometric shapes for hedging purposes. Both have value for the landscape.

Garden Plant Care: Guard and Feed (Also known as Plant Health Care: PHC)

The nutrients in the soil are used by plants as food. Certain plants are what we refer to as “heavy feeders.” This indicates that they remove a lot of nutrients from the soil. They are “heavy feeders,” boxwood. You may receive feedings tailored to your plants and soil by proactively include a plant feed/protect program in your landscaping design. Additionally, you’ll get pest and disease protection for the usual problems to stop them from happening. This can include aphids, bag worms, black spot, and various types of mildew. Depending on your service package, this is necessary for healthy plants.

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