Don’t be scared by the name White Widow.

Once the summer starts in Canada the gardens will bloom beautifully. Also, the summer is the best time for growing herbs in Canada. If you want to know about multiple weeds, you can visit the website Today, in this article, we will look at one of the unique named herbs, which is the White Widow. It is one of the revered strains, which is popular for recreation and medical purposes. You can find a white widow in the menus of Dutch or Amsterdam coffee shops.

Different types of white widow strains:

You can find a variety of white widow strains along with a combination of sativa and indica components. The different white widow is as follows:


  1. White berry: depending on the grower and the seeds white berry or blue widow, that is a combination of white widow and blueberry. The best time to take the white berry is in the breezy afternoon on weekends. The strain will not be too energetic and relaxing and have moderate experience.
  2. White Rhino: usually, the hybrids of the white widow will have high levels of THC, which comes from India, Brazil, and Afghanistan. The person who smokes the strain will get a solid and heady high. It is usually distinguished by its small size, dark leaves, and earthy and sweet smell. Consumers have reported they feel euphoric, happy, and sometimes lazy after smoking the weed. The white Rhino can grow in freezy conditions and is often used for medical purposes.
  3. White Russian: the white Russian is usually an indica- dominant. The effect of white Russian is to make a person feel inspired and provide clarity rather than getting confused and keep stimulated. It is advisable to intake the weed in a limited dosage since excessive usage may cause drowsiness.

Overall, there are different varieties of Canadian weeds which you can check from the website You can gather more information from the website


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