The most popular bong designs

A bong, often known as a water pipe, is a non-electric smoking device that employs a detachable bowl and water. The most frequent material for bongs is heat-resistant glass, but ceramic wood, metal, and portable silicone bongs are also popular. Mini bongs can be as short as a few inches tall, and huge bongs can be as tall as 1.5 feet. Bongs, like cannabis users, come in a variety of forms and sizes. The following are the most frequent best bongs styles:

  • Straight shooters – This is the most frequent and easiest to clear bong form. The design incorporates a straight water chamber that transitions into the neck, all of which is supported by a base.
  • Beaker bongs – This popular due to its wide and robust base, which makes them difficult to tip over. This sort of bong, which resembles a scientific beaker, is highly popular since it has a bigger chamber that can hold more smoke.
  • Zong (zig zag bong) – A zong is a straight shooter with a zig zag curved neck. This design ensures that no contaminated bong water is ingested, as well as providing extra space for the smoke to travel and cool down before it reaches your lips.

consumption of cannabis

  • Percolator bongs – Percolators are internal components that increase bubbling activity and filtration for smoother bong pulls.
  • Bongs with recyclers – Recyclers can be used as an internal or external bong component. They are tubes that cause the smoke to be “recycled” and filtered a second time.

You can buy these best bongs in many websites. But before buying these bongs you must do a research about the best style. There are many different types of percolators, such as tree percs, matrix percs, showerhead percs, inline percs, and more, each with their own set of ups and limitations.

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